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Do I need a referral for my child to be seen at the Cairns Children’s Clinic?


It is not a requirement that you have a referral.

However, without a referral you will not be able to access any medicare rebate for services.

In addition, it is always a good idea to see your GP first as they may be able to help you sooner and you may then not require specialist help.

Having a GP involved in your care as well as our professionals means there is more than one person who can assist you in an emergency or if our clinicians are not available due to sickness or leave.


If I see one professional at the clinic can they only refer my child to the other professionals there or do I have a choice?

All of our professionals are independent practitioners. You can be referred to any of them independently, from any GP, and they will offer you options regarding who you might wish to see for further assistance.

The clinic has been designed to provide integrated care between likeminded professionals and for some people that may be a great choice.

Others may prefer to use different individual clinicians outside of the clinic.


Can I bring my child if they might have an infectious condition?

If you think your child is suffering from any type of infectious condition (Cold, flu, whooping cough etc), we ask that you do NOT bring them to The Clinic as we often have very young babies or children with weakened immune conditions.


Can I be bulk billed?

Cairns Children’s Clinic is not a bulk billing service.

Our prices are set at a point where we can afford to manage our overheads.


Will my treating clinician tell me what I have to do or will they give me options that I can think about?

All of our clinicians hold a strong belief in family centred care.

This means you and your child are at the centre of all decision making.

Our clinicians will provide as much information as possible in written or oral form during your consultations to enable you to make the best decision for your child and family.