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Fees & Cancellation

Paediatrician Fees

Standard initial consultation – 30 minutes – single issue
(medicare rebate $128.30)
Long Initial consultation – 60 minutes – 2 or more issues or development of a management plan
(medicare rebate $227.70)
Short follow up appointment – 15 minutes
(medicare rebate $64.20)
Long follow up appointment – 30 minutes
(medicare rebate $64.20 – $114)
Authority script without appointment $25
Non Authority Script without appointment $15
Short report $25
Long Report $50
School attendance – travel time also billed at this rate $440 per hour
Griffith Developmental Assessment $800

Child Psychiatrist Fees



GP Allergy Clinic Fees

12000 (Skin Sensitivity Testing for Allergens, using 1 – 20 Allergens) $60
12003 (Skin Sensitivity Testing for Allergens, using more than 20 Allergens) $80
Oral Food Challenge $200

GP Behaviour Clinic Fees



Multidisciplinary Feeding Clinic Fees



Multidisciplinary Continence Clinic Fees



Physiotherapist Fees



Occupational Therapist Fees



Dietitian Fees




Cairns Children’s Clinic is an NDIA approved provider so that you can see any of our allied health clinicians if you have an NDIS package whether you have chosen to self-manage, planner-manage or NDIA-manage your funding.

In general, NDIS funding does not pay for out of pocket costs to see doctors.

Cancellation and non-attendance policy

If you cancel an appointment at late notice, or do not attend a booked appointment, we are unable to re-fill the appointment time-slot.

SMS reminder messages are sent 48 hours prior to an appointment.

All appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hour’s notice will be charged a late cancellation fee of 50% of the consultation.

If you do not attend for a booked appointment to which you have replied “yes” in response to the SMS reminder, you will be charged a nonattendance fee of 100% of the consultation.

These fees are not eligible for a rebate from Medicare.

These fees must be paid before any further services are provided.