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Children’s GP

It is essential that families have a regular GP who develops a relationship with all family members and sees the “big picture” when a child attends their clinic.

Cairns is fortunate to have many amazing GPs who do just that.

Sometimes, though, when your child has a complex medical condition or a condition outside the scope of a family GP, you want a doctor who has that extra expertise and close links with your paediatrician.

You want a GP who works collaboratively with in-house allied health professionals, and those in the wider community, to coordinate care around common childhood issues.

Someone who is there to guide you with your unsettled baby as well as care for you, physically and emotionally in the weeks and months after you have your baby and who can provide expertise in managing those challenging toddler behaviours.

Here at Cairns Children’s Clinic our GP, Dr Sarah Fairhall, has extended training in paediatrics and continues to develop her knowledge and passion.

She has on site access to our paediatricians, child psychiatrist and allied health providers as well as having a close working relationship with other childhood specialists throughout Cairns and the Far North.

Sarah currently leads specialist multidisciplinary clinics in:


Providing clinical assessment, targeter skin prick testing, low risk oral food challenges and allergy management plans. She is also our lead clinician for managing oral desensitisation to some allergens such as house dust mite in children 12 and over.

Continence clinic

Working together with our occupational therapist and dietitian and with support from our paediatricians to assist children with constipation, bedwetting and incontinence issues.

Fussy eaters clinic

Collaborating with our dietitian and occupational therapist to empower you to engage your child with a healthy diet.

Unsettled baby/difficult toddler behaviour clinic

Sarah is currently training to become an accredited provider of neuroprotective developmental care so that she can empower you to support your child’s development in a way which uniquely acknowledges the interrelatedness of multiple health domains and aims to avoid fragmentation of care and conflicting advice.