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As a parent do you know what your child should be eating, how much, how often and what type of food?

What if they have an allergy to foods? What if you don’t know what they have an allergy to?

What if they will only eat 5 things or only white foods?

Do they crave “junk food” and you are worried that they are setting themselves up for a life of unhealthy eating?

Are they underweight or heavier than your doctor thinks is healthy but everything you try leads to nothing and you are at a loss?

These are just some of the problems that keep parents awake at night and that a dietitian can help with.

Nutrition for children is very different to nutrition for adults and you need a specialist in children’s nutrition. Someone who will not judge the efforts that you are making to help your child but will support you and be there every step of the way, holding your hand.

Come and speak to our dietitian at Cairns Children’s Clinic.