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Respiratory and Sleep Clinic

Sleep is so important for growing brains.

Without sleep we cannot concentrate during the day or consolidate our memories at night.

Sleep deprived children become anxious and cannot control their behaviours.

Parents of children who cannot sleep themselves become irritable and lack focus. They cannot support their children or their own well-being and family relationships become strained.

Help is available.

While some problems with childhood sleep can be addressed with your GP and others with a general paediatrician, sometimes a specialist assessment and/or a sleep study is required.

Sometimes children complain of fatigue and lethargy even with sufficient sleep.

It may be that they just aren’t getting enough oxygen into their system because of a breathing problem.

Conditions such as asthma can often be easily recognised but sometimes they are not so obvious and it takes detailed assessment to really understand what is going on with a child’s lungs.

Here at Cairns Children’s Clinic we have visiting specialists who can assess your child and perform some lung function testing within the consultation, as well as organise further more detailed testing in Brisbane if required.

Discuss with your GP today whether a referral to our sleep and respiratory clinic would help your child.